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During seven years spent on several positions with marketing companies, I was given a thorough knowledge about market research and brand management both in a local company and one of the most successful multi-national companies. Looking back, those years were very inspirational and lots of experience remarkably helped and are still helping me in digital world. Being not a real geek, I can understand old media, traditional promotional tools and stereotypes of customers as well as cross over traditional AND digital world.

I hope I was appreciated in all these marketing companies for uncommon mixture of analytical AND creative skills as well as capability to co-ordinate and synergize many external and internal channels towards successful projects delivery.

Market research gave me a detailed insight into end-customer’ behavior and needs while years spent in unrivaled brand management equipped me with confidence to develop, build and co-ordinate.

Taylor Nelson Sofres Factum

TNS Factum

1996 – 1998

Project Manager

Having spent some time in international bank Credit Lyonnais, I entered Factum non fabula market research agency in 1996. It was Czech private company with strong leaders well-known in marketing and statistics expert field. I started as a Research Assistant (junior position), soon promoted to Project Assistant and became Project Manager.

I was fully responsible for market research projects. I was lucky to conduct dozens of market research studies using almost any research techniques – face-to-face, omnibus, tracking, in-hall tests, desk research, in-depth interviews, focus groups etc.

I managed these projects for full spectre of clients – extensive in-hall tests for Unilever, in-depth interviews with heads of clinics and Members of Parliamment for a pharmaceutical giant, focus groups among top level managers for Austrian bank or omnibus tracking for Marlboro brand to name just a few. I enjoyed pre-launch study for a new segment in beer industry as well as communication pre-testing for my beloved Gauloises brand.

Through special sets of questions in omnibus waves, I regularly wrote press releases and held press conferences. These were massively communicated in Czech national radio stations, national newspapers or expert magazines, which supported awareness of company both among potential clients and future respondents. Communication and company’s self-promotion will become an integral part of any of my future positions.

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Philip Morris

Philip Morris

1998 – 2001

Brand Executive

I had a privilege to learn, align with and execute Marlboro branding campaigns, one of the most valuable marketing stories in history. Originally, I was hired into market research department but I got a chance to work on Marlboro brand immediately.

I was mainly in charge of BTL (below-the-line) activities on Marlboro brand in the Czech Republic. Daily work was made from co-ordinating pieces of projects between external agencies (advertising agency, direct marketing agency, 3D promotion agencies) and internal departments. It included a support to the brand with direct mail campaigns, shop-in-shop promotions (hard-sell), trade marketing and national consumer promotions etc.

I am proud almost quarter of million customers took participation in consumer promotion called “Collect and Win”, one of the most successful FMCG promotions ever organized in the Czech Republic. And due to lottery law legal restrictions in 2000’s, hard to be surpassed soon.

One of my key takeaways from this company was to keep on being constantly consistent with brand communication while only very carefully adjust to temporary trends in the market. As the tobacco industry comes under ever more intense regulatory pressure, Marlboro is profiting from unrivaled brand strength more than any other cigarette brands worldwide.



2002 – 2004

Client Service Manager

Being fully responsible for market research projects, I came up with idea, developed and managed complete realization of company’s new corporate identity. Starting with modernizing STEM/MARK’s logo, I re-worked all the external communication with the clients as well as reborn soul of the company inside.

All elements of this complex project converged to one core idea – Market Research Is Dialog. Why? Market research agency has got unique opportunity to be in direct human contact with clients and clients’ customers, which positions the agency into a two-way communication intermediator.

When project was finalized, STEM/MARK was the first market research company in the market enabling clients to check research studies and have in hand all documents through online web interface called Dialogin. Company started to circulate quarterly magazine to all interviewers. Employees started to share ideas and know-how by means of internal web system Intralog. Corporate identity project was topped with distinctive company re-organization focused on client service and with new CEO installation.

Soon, the company took on a growth line switching to black figures. Nowadays, STEM/MARK is one of the most renowned market research companies in the Czech Republic. And why not to mention, still exploiting all the elements of corporate identity from 2003.

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