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Though I never had a lesson in programming or design, I was running an e-shop on my own for five years. I bet on a niche segment of design and luxury home accessories. Domain ame (mandarin orange citrus) was supposed to reflect vision to give consumers a chance to furnish their living houses with just a small, colorful and fresh piece of home in contrast to unified sortiment from wholesalers. Reaching some limits, I later remarkably contributed to a success of brand new e-shop, today’s one of the most profitable online shops in my country.

I am a proud self-taught geek combining offline and online corporate business. Either responsible for a niche e-shop or localizing multi-national concept online, I am a man dedicated to strong visions. screenshot from 2004

2004 – 2009

E-shop Owner

It all started as a hobby. But soon, it turned into a full-time job. I spent five years with running my own e-commerce business. By far, it was the longest stay with one company in my life. was a niche e-shop with design and modern home accessories of brands like Alessi, ASA Selection, A.S Creation, Guzzini or Zack. Throughout the years, company grew into a chain of five e-shops mostly based on brands basis.

Being only the second e-shop of its kind in the market, was a phenomenon of its time. It achieved an extra-ordinary publicity in both offline and online media. It was able to address two hard-to-be-addressed and top-sought target segments in online world – early adopters and women.

Read my takeaways from running own business.
Overall, it was great time and I learnt more than I ever expected. Experience is huge – both positive and negative. If you would like to learn more how it all started and learn more about my experience, please read my takeaways which are referred to in yellow info box above.

Disclaimer: Domain is out of my possession today.

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2009 – 2010

E-commerce Manager

In late 2009, I became the first member of newly found e-commerce department in Tchibo Praha company. You may know Tchibo is more than coffee. It also runs a unique concept of limited-time-available consumer goods sold in theme collections on a weekly basis.

Though facing strict limitations (limited pricing policy competence, no logistics competence or product portfolio adjustments forbidden), I was lucky to get a free hand how to build marketing strategy and spend generous budget unless I achieve a business goal – to increase turnover by 80 %. Local e-commere market was growing by praised 10 %.

I developed long-term brand strategy – to build sub-premium brand utilizing unique selling concept that is backed up with both positively perceived coffee brand and chain of brick-and-mortar shops.

Within nine months, we set all internal and co-operative agencies processes. We strictly concentrated on performance campaigns in communication and changed market standards.

Result? One hundred twenty three per cent turnover increase in year-to-year comparison in 2010. Nowadays,’s annual earning is 8-digit figure in CZK (local currency).

Disclaimer: Starting from September, 2010, I have been an external consultant to

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